Probate Law :: Last Will & Testament

Your last will and testament, commonly referred to simply as a will, is a legally-binding statement directing who will receive your property in the event of your death. It also appoints a legal representative, who is the will executor, to carry out your wishes.

At Matta & Gager we will ensure your last will and testament runs smoothly. Often the probate process can be completed more quickly and at less expense to your estate if there is a will. With a clear expression of your wishes, there are unlikely to be any costly, time-consuming disputes.

A last will and testament can be the simplest means of affecting one's wishes about how assets should be distributed. It is important to understand that a will only covers probate property.

Matta & Gager provides experienced last will and testament legal services, assisting our clients with last will and testament legal needs. At Matta & Gager, we are committed to protecting the legal rights of each and every client, while always striving to provide the highest standard of legal representation.

We have successfully represented clients across Connecticut, including the areas of New London, New Haven, Hartford, Fairfield, Middletown, Norwich and surrounding area.

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