Connecticut Probate Lawyer

Family problems often can be settled in the probate courts, not just when there is a death in the family. When your elderly or disabled relative can no longer handle their personal, financial and health care decisions, someone in the family or a close friend may ask the Probate Court to appoint a Conservator of the person and/or estate.

Sometimes the family faces the difficult decision of asking the Probate Court to Terminate Parental Rights of one or both parents when the minor children are in serious danger of abuse and/or neglect. Department of Children and Families often has to step in and ask the Court to protect the child or children from dangerous drug or alcohol addicted parents. When this happens, the Probate Court will appoint an attorney for the minor child (AMC), or a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) to protect the best interests of the child. Attorneys Matta and Gager have many years of experience in advancing the rights and interests of children while respecting the concerns of family members.

You may need our services to walk you through the probate processes of settlement of estates, appointment of family member as Conservator, involuntary commitment, temporary custody, name change, the drafting of your Last Will and Testament, Living Wills, final health care directives, General Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney and Appointment of Health Care Agent. Whatever problem takes you into Probate Court; we can assist and guide you through it because of our knowledge and experience navigating through the Probate system.

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