Assisted Reproduction Law :: Pre-Birth

Matta & Gager represents people of all ages in assisted reproductive technology law and we understand the desire to have a family. Our knowledgeable and experienced assisted reproduction lawyers will answer your questions, explain the law, and represent you if any court proceedings.

We understand the complex legal matters that are associated with assisted reproduction law and our lawyers are on the forefront of this emerging field.

Some examples of these assisted reproduction issues are the financial and medical care of surrogate during pregnancy, postpartum care for the donor or surrogate, where the birth will take place, the legal status of the biologic parents during gestation and immediately after birth, the legal status of the surrogate mother, and other issues that must be addressed in order to secure the rights of all parties involved, including the legal status of the fetus.

Matta & Gager understands the expectations regarding confidentiality and can draft the legal documents necessary to protect all parties. If you have questions or want to have a preliminary discussion about your surrogacy issue, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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